Authorization API allows you to create, assign and retrieve grants for users of Thinking Cities platform.


Grants are a kind of subservices (keystone projects) which can imply for a user that has any role in that subservice a permission for do something in an application built on top of ThingkinCities Platform.

Grants always start with a '#' character, in contrast to other subservices which start without that character.

Some examples of grants could be: #readerApp, #adminApp, #managerApp and so on.

There is a complete description about grants for Urbo2

Create Grants

Grants, like other subservices (keystone project), can be created using Management API for create subservice

Morever, like others subservices, can be created using Administration Portal of ThinkingCities Platform.

Assign Grants

To assign a grant to a user, a role should be assigned to a user in that grant (keystone project) using Management API for assign role to user

Morever, like others role assigments, can be performed using Administration Portal of ThinkingCities Platform.

Get Grants

There is an API to retrieve all grants (aka keystone project roles) for a user:

GET /v3/users/{user_id}/project_roles HTTP/1.1
Host: <idm_host>:<idm_port>

This call uses a x-auth-token associated to user. You will receive an HTTP 200 OK response like this:

Content-Type : application/json

        "domain": "8960989b51164eaeaa42200ecc79a47a",
        "project_name": "/smartcity/gardens",
        "project": "031149af6c5147a782e9cf4c56e1fe11",
        "role_name": "8960989b51164eaeaa42200ecc79a47a#SubServiceAdmin",
        "role": "e0da2d91e8154a32980ed4c5a717fd91",
        "user": "bace4fd6bd9b49fda5727eb83a714a3c",
        "user_name": "user1"